Texas Secessionists Create New Social Network

Facebook: lame

Twitter: more lame

MySpace: maybe still cool, depending on how many self-taken photos you have on your desktop

Texas Social Club: cooler than anything else

That’s what the folks at New Republic of Texas want you to think. Forty-three of us (yes, I said us) have signed up for the club so far. We talk about everything: seceding, secession, secessionists, everything. To sign up, head here. Hope to see you soon.


  • PrincessMachiav

    Is the fact that secession has not been viable since the 19th century being discussed? How about the overwhelmingly obvious-should reason be your guide instead of the sword(Jeffers)-solution: that state responsibility ought to be further pursued in lieu of the continued trumpeting of an implausible gesture?

  • PrincessMachiav

    Correction: The first sentence may give readers cause to believe it was ever an option for Texas. It wasn’t.