Leading Off (10/24/12)

Museum Tower Officials Tour the Nasher. You can read about the tour and all that ensued here. Or just read this one sentence the Dallas Morning News uses in talking about a professor the Museum Tower people brought in: “Cantrell called claims that reflected light and heat from the tower were ruining grass and other plantings in the Nasher garden ‘pure bunk and pseudoscience’ as well as ‘sheer nonsense.'” It doesn’t get much better from there.

Elementary School Arrests Second Teacher for Sexual Assault, Parents Are Angry. Last night’s meeting between the parents of Martha Hunt Elementary School in Murphy and school officials got a bit heated. It’s the second time in two years that a teacher has been arrested for sexual assault. Parents were only allowed to ask questions presented to a school lawyer before the meeting. And that rule didn’t go over well. All the parents wanted to know was what’s being done to protect their kids. They got few answers.

Homeless Man Saves Cop. Officer Billy Taylor was attacked outside the Bridge shelter last Tuesday by a homeless man thought be to be high on PCP. While the man attacked the officer, Charles Alexander, a former Crip gang leader, rushed to his rescue. A week later, the officer is at home recovering and Alexander is back to roaming the streets.


  • bigjondaniel

    Of course, academics only teach basket weaving. We needs $10k degrees! Academia is the bastian of liberalism! Scientists that believe in climate change are anti-business Trotsky-ites! The hate Jeebus and scoff at intelligent design! Unless we need to trot some old fart out to prove our real estate point, then they are eminent experts and should not be questioned..