Things To Do In Dallas This Weekend: Sept. 14-16

You could see this tonight. Or Saturday. At City Performance Hall.

Guys, it is surprisingly time consuming to fill out a police accident report when the person who hit your parked car is maybe a ghost. A jerky, no-insurance-information-leaving ghost. And while it took me forever to actually find the police headquarters last night, my non-emergency AT&T-sponsored 911 phone call was answered on the first ring. So there’s that.


I can’t decide if this weekend is busier than most. I think it is, especially with the grand opening of Dallas City Performance Hall. First, check out Peter Simek’s interview with the creator of the LED light curtain. Sarah Jaffe kicks things off this evening, followed by the DC9 At Night, KXT, and Kessler-sponsored Triple Play concert featuring Seryn, The Relatives, and Pleasant Groves. These concerts are ticketed separately, so if you want to attend both, you’ve got to buy two tickets. And it’s finally, finally cool enough for Mai’s, where I can have my first clay pot of the season. It’s also quick, which I love.

Also this evening, the Dallas VideoFest hosts a pre-party in advance of all the excitement two weeks from now. Celebrate 25 years of this eclectic festival with old favorites from past VideoFests, drinks, and food. Everything is included in the ticket price.


It’s time for the Dallas Flea. And since this is hardly your average, dig-through-piles-of-random-junk, good-luck-finding-anything flea market, you just might find yourself picking up cool pewter pieces from f. is for frank (an Editors Pick for Best of Big D) and some pretty stationery from Southern Fried Paper.

Saturday evening features your last chance for romance with a couple of cool shows: Speech & Debate, part of the Dallas Pride Festival in the black box theater on the Kalita Humphreys campus, and Irving Community Theatre’s production of playwright Neil LaBute’s September 11-inspired drama, The Mercy Seat. I talked about Speech & Debate last week, but The Mercy Seat is about a married father, Ben, who is having an affair with his boss, Abby. As a result, they’re both out of their office, located in the World Trade Center, when the planes hit. Ben, expecting that his family believes him dead, contemplates using the tragedy as a way to start his life over. It’s incredibly reprehensible and completely human, both things LaBute does well.


Speaking of Dallas Pride, the official pride festival in Lee Park starts at noon, with the annual parade along Cedar Springs kicking off around 2 pm. It’s such a happy day, complete with food, art, live entertainment, and more. Highly recommended.

Elsewhere, East Dallas’ Promise of Peace Garden hosts a “Fresh-tival” at the Libertine Bar on Greenville. Inside you’ll find drinks (of course) and small plates, and outside, a mini-market full of fruits and veggies.

For more to do this weekend, go here.


  • Marcus

    Dialing 911 for non-emergencies,(which are 99% of the 911 calls), could be the problem correct? Let’s leave 911 for the TRUE emergencies, i.e. heart attacks, and dial the non-emergency number for accidents after the fact with no witnesses.