• You mean this photo? Because that photo makes me think she was set up.

  • @Phelps: I meant the figurative picture.

  • cheryl

    She was on her way to a meeting with Randy Travis.

  • Spectator

    I heard it was a menage a trois with Randy Travis, Rhonda Aikman and Jane McGarry.

  • mike

    If that was a true mug shot of the night she was arrested, the towel wrap around her shoulders and neck in the middle of August raises all sorts of questions.

  • Andy

    @mike – Collin County makes all mug shots look the same with a towel around them.

  • CollinBabs

    Did someone get the word out that Collin County is the place for celebrities to drink and not be seen? WRONG C’mon up — we’ll be glad to see you! We’ll even warm the towel we place around your neck for the mug shot!