Things To Do In Dallas Tonight: July 26

Fancy. And sweat free.
Fancy. And sweat free.

Sometimes I have to be forced to try the things I claim not to like. Take fish. I ate more fish last Thursday at a friend’s goodbye dinner than I have in my entire life. I did not hate it. Probably the opposite.

And there’s hip-hop. I’m not very well-versed in the genre, but I’ll listen to whatever it is my friends tell me I need to listen to, and then squirm when I have to admit I enjoyed it. Such was the case with Kool Keith, who won me over with his weirdness and his deadpan humor. He’s as disgusting as he is smart.  “I Don’t Believe You” was the first song I heard, and I still like it best. Keith headlines Trees tonight in Deep Ellum, with special guests Weekend Hustler, Guerrillah Spit, and MC Sex. Subtle. It’s also Keith’s only Texas show on his “Who Am I?” tour, a fitting question for someone with so many alter-egos. Color us MC Special.

If you’ll recall, Raya blogged about Mizzen + Main’s awesome-sounding, moisture-wicking mens dress shirts last week. SMU grad Kevin Lavelle’s brand launched online last week, and this evening, you can stop by the official launch party at the Fashion Industry Gallery. Aside from the chance to get a feel for the shirts in person, there’s an open bar (magical words) and snacks from Bolsa Mercado. A portion of proceeds (just for the launch, each shirt is $99) will benefit Navy explosives specialist Taylor Morris, who lost all four limbs in Afghanistan in May.

And finally, if you’re a fan of the Fox series New Girl and you also like food trucks and sports bars, you’ve got two chances to catch this strange New Girl party school bus tour thing. It’s a good thing I actually like this show. There’s all sorts of activities going on inside, but the two most important things are “cupcakes” and “other free stuff.” Try the Winspear Opera House food truck area from noon- 1 pm, and Frankie’s on McKinney from 5:30-7:30 pm.

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  • Eric

    Then of course there is that little Freedom Works wingding at the AAC tonight. You know, where they talk about things like FREEDOM and personal responsibility, and limited government, and religious freedom, and freedom of speech and stuff like that. IJS