• amanda

    It would be funny if he was walking in the roll in. Has an “America’s Funniest Videos” vibe, which is great if that was what you were going for.

  • The back story: Gaglardi and Stars president Jim Lites have been making the rounds, telling folks about the “new look” Dallas Stars. They dropped by our office on Friday. Gaglardi is an amiable fellow. Along with his window-pane blazer, he wore jeans and motorcycle boots. He pronounces the word “organ-eye-zation,” so you know he’s a real hockey guy.

    At the end of our meeting, I asked if he’d do this SportsCenter-style video for us. He was game right away and asked, “How hard do you want me to hit you?” I told him, “Hard enough that it’ll look realistic.”

    I’ve got a small knot on the back of my head, and something is wrong with my left elbow.

  • Editor

    Nicectry, but Tim, don’t quit your day job. I don’t see an academy award in the near future….

  • S. Christoff

    Now THAT was funny. Nice job, tough guy.

  • IttyBittyWussy

    Edit the first few seconds where I can see him staging up before the Action call. Otherwise, great!

    Are you sure it’s just your elbow? That left knee looks kaput.

  • @IttyBittyWussy: Yeah, that was unfortunate. But editing that out would also axe the setup with Zac. We did it in one take; I wasn’t up for a second go at it.

  • milk&cookies

    wow rough hit, funny
    actually it looks like Tom is waiting,
    planning an ‘acidental’ hit

  • towski

    I’d go with “This is Frontburner” rather than “This is D magazine” – captures more of that This is Sportscenter vibe you’re going for.

    Now for a whole series…

  • Amy S

    (Does Nancy know Zac was sitting at her desk?)

  • Annie

    that is awesome!

  • mhassett03

    I had the same thing happen to me once when Ebby Halliday visited the office.

  • S. Christoff

    Ebby schtick: do a promo spoofing the guitar scene in Animal House with John Belushi and Stephen Bishop. (“if I gave my love a cherry….:”). Ebby + ukelele = Bishop. Wick + just-a-splash = Belushi

  • Peterk

    nice body check

  • Gabe

    It’s totally photoshopped. The shadows are all wrong.

  • Eric Celeste

    I hit harder.

  • towski

    @Eric – yes, but then you have to brag about it on your blog and turn it into a civil liberties issue. Annoying.

  • towski

    Why did I read that as Trey Garrison. Sorry, Eric. 1000 apologies.

  • Kaplan

    Eric mistyped. He meant to say, “I hit IT harder.” And single Eric is not talking about Tim or hockey. Know what I mean? Get it? Hit IT. Yeaah, high five, brah.No? OK. I’ll high five myself. Or maybe just a just a self fist bump. Bump.

  • PR

    Interesting that none of your teammates — I mean coworkers — came to your defense. Maybe Tim is not popular in the office. Could he be the Sean Avery of D Magazine?

  • El Jefe

    Good concept. Poor execution.

  • Tim

    Keep your head up. Thats how you avoid being hurt.

  • Jay

    The hit is great, but the setup could easily be better by shooting over the cubicle, or possibly up from Zach’s desk, for the opening shot. Everyone sees Gaglardi coming a mile away, which kinda kills it. A reaction shot from Zach might help, too — jaw dropped, wide-eyed as Gaglardi passes by after the hit. That would cover the reverse walking shot nicely as well. And slow down on the opening line. Make it more relaxed, unassuming.

    Sorry for the unsolicited directing…years of television and film make me see the potential!