Female Reporter Had Six-Way Sex in Rangers Clubhouse in 1975

To promote the performance of Larry Herold’s The Sports Page at Stage West, sometime D Magazine contributor Mike Shropshire (really, it has been too long) did a series of short videos talking about what sports journalism was like back in the day. In the segment you see here, Shrop talks about the first woman he remembers who was allowed into the Rangers clubhouse, back in 1975. Shrop says she was “gangbanged” by four or five players in the shower. He implies that the reporter was a willing participant. So, um, there’s that. (h/t Unfair Park)

Update: I talked to a player from that team. Here’s what he said.


  • D. Shapiro

    Go Rangers?

  • Daniel Tosh

    So can we say that the first 5 tool player in the Rangers organization was a woman?

  • I admit it. Your headline caught my attention.

  • Sparky

    Wow, there’s a hot sports opinion for you (“They just don’t have the knack, women shouldn’t be writin’ sports.”). Other things Shropshire likely believes women shouldn’t do:

    –fly airplanes
    –run for public office
    –talk back

  • News Bruiser

    Any guesses on who the five players were?

    I’m thinking Jeff Burroughs (he was the 1974 AL MVP so you know he was getting action), Jim Sundberg (catchers are always down for the dirty), Lenny Randle (he’s goofy and gifted, a great combination), Gaylord Perry (she wanted to feel his “spitball”), and Tom Grieve (after all, he loves the giant beaver).

  • @Daniel Tosh: You have my respect and admiration.

  • JS

    Did she make them sandwiches after it was over?

  • Wes Mantooth

    There’s a lot of holes in that story. I’d expect Tim to get to the bottom of this; it’s the kind of low-hanging fruit that he gropes for.

  • Steve Sandwich

    My Dad always said that women have no place in the workforce.

    Times change. But this much is an absolute Truth:

    Women have no place in a man’s clubhouse.

    Period. (pun intended)

    Wait outside, honey. Wait outside.

  • Take THAT TMZ headline writers!

  • Eric Celeste

    Reminds me of the story Shrop once told about his ex-wife. Which I won’t relay here. It was in incredibly poor taste. And, yes, I’m laughing just remembering it.

  • Timbo

    Is that why Roger Moret went catatonic? Or why Eddie Stanky quit managing after one game? Anyone remember Shropshire’s early role on The Ticket?

  • So sexist

    Shame on you for perpetuating this B.S. You are damaging the credibility of female sports reporters and women in general. No woman would “consent” to what you call a “gang bang” unless she were serioulsly psychologically ill. But I guess you think rape jokes are funny. Disgusting.

  • amanda

    “As recently as 1980…”

    We’ve come a long way, baby!

    Excuse me, I have to change a light bulb for my husband.

  • half the battle

    @So sexist: There is an entire industry filled with women that “consent” to “gang bangs”. And not all of them are “seriously psychologically ill”.

  • @ So Sexist: At least three separate parts of your comment are probably sexist.

  • brett

    shouldn’t @ So Sexist be in the kitchen?

  • RAB

    Question: has a male journalist ever gone in the women’s locker room in professional sports history?

  • Half the population

    Gotta say, knowing that that was going on and only now coming forward about it sounds like Penn State. Nice to know you see fit to publicize this now.

  • 1Zima2Many

    RAB: I volunteer to be the first. Someone has to break down the barriers.

    Daniel Tosh: I think you’re my hero.

  • Daniel


    (dissolve to dream sequence)

  • B

    So Sexist:

    Three words,run together followed by .com;Adult Friend Finder. Your psychological illness is for other women a helluva Saturday night. Our generation didn’t invent sex nor coloring outside the lines. Sometimes a woman does say YES. Over and over.

  • Locker room reporter

    You are so ignorant that you don’t even know that men reporters go into female athletes’ locker rooms all the time. But the female athletes are smart enough to put on some clothes.

  • Nancy Nichols

    I haven’t watched the video but I’ve been listening to Zac and Tim talk about this non-story. I was a member of the female sports media in the mid-70s. We fought (with?) our asses off to get respect. Yes I know a lot of stories about women and athletes having sex. I can probably guess who Shrop is talking about, but I’m telling you he is wrong. It was a small group of media then and, as much as I hate to sound like a know it all, if there was a six-way in the Rangers clubhouse with a woman in the Dallas media, I would have either been in the shower or known about it. Now, a similar situation could have happened in the Cowboy locker room, but I’m zipping my lips. Nice work, Shrop. Jesus, I could tell stories about the male pigs in the media. Attitudes toward promiscuity were so different then. Not making excuses, just saying.

  • mynameisbill

    I was once gangbanged by a group of female reporters. But, when I started to mull over just what had happened to me…I began to faintly remember that none of them had, notepads nor pens, and they all seemed to have penises….and that left me sad and confused.

  • RAB

    @”Locker room reporter”:

    Wait, isn’t the locker room where athletes shower and put their clothes on? (It’s not like they go in there clothed already, right?) But in the case of female athletes, they don’t let the reporters into the women’s locker room until all the women are fully dressed — unlike the men’s locker room. Cop to the double standard, lady locker room denier. At least be honest.

  • Guy on the couch

    I’d so be walking around looking for that Rontina Mccann

  • Stephanie

    This is despicable to say the least. I wonder what the “men” would do if us women said such sexist comments? But that’s not allowed, so we’ll never really know.

  • ConvoyScout

    This kinda stuff happens in high schools all over America.