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TexMo on West Dallas and the Future of Our City


Michael Ennis covers a lot of ground in this Texas Monthly story about Dallas’ plan to redevelop West Dallas, taking us all the way back to 1912 and George Kessler’s efforts here, which, Ennis says, inadvertently sent the city down a misguided path to our current future. Ennis asks, “[I]s it just possible that a city whose official slogan is ‘Live Large. Think Big’ is on the verge of fundamentally rethinking itself?” [spoiler alert!] He concludes on this hopeful note: “As our state and nation only become more urban (already nine out of ten Texans live in metro areas) and more diverse (nine out of ten new Texans in the past decade were non-Anglo), then Dallas could well win a race to the future that few other American cities even realize they’ve entered.”