Barrett Brown Is Prepared for Some Nasty Comments

For our April issue, I wrote a 7,000-word profile of a guy named Barrett Brown. Barrett can’t tie his own shoes (literally), but he’s an unofficial spokesman for a group of hackers called Anonymous that doesn’t really exist. It’s complicated. That’s why it took me 7,000 words to explain the whole thing. Well, that and Zac was my first editor on the story, and he’s lazy. He refused to cut anything.

In any case, I’m putting up this post because after he read the story last night, Barrett said, “I can’t wait to see how viciously I get attacked in the comments by Anonymous.”

Have at him, folks!


  • Rodknee

    I knew that it was written by Rogers, noticed the outrageously exaggerated photo and props, saw that it is published in the April edition, and, after reading the first dozen paragraphs, was convinced it was an elaborate April Fools joke. I finished it with appreciation that Tim had really taken this year’s prank to a new level.

    Then I googled Barrett Brown, quickly figured out the essay wasn’t a joke, and had to read it again without the original bias.


  • clark


  • one should find the absence of any mention of a pervading and/or potentially crippling paranoia…. very refreshing.

    one will likely be tempted to wantonly employ various epithets — egofag, honeypotfag, H.fag, fagfag, verisimilitudefag, hebephreniafag, outoftheloopfag or even gaffefag — but seriously, what the hell would be the point?

    this was a very well written, thoroughly enjoyable piece, though bad mister leroy brown should realize (sooner rather than later) that drugz r bad, mmmkay?

    one would hope that all the useful idiots/manic powerbrokers out there who end up reading this thing manage at least a single moment of positively constructive introspective… before going right back to their day jobs of being evilfags.

    PS – i take it all back. the article is rendered moot without any mention of pokemon.

  • Most of the nasty stuff is happening elsewhere, which makes our job of moderating comments easier. Thank goodness.

    Go here for some lively NSFW discussion.

  • James

    That’s a sweet bobcat on the wall!

  • Hein

    Sorry, this guy is just not interesting enough to warrant that many words.

    It’s the ultimate TL;DR.

  • Katy

    Sigh. Brown is 29 and already has written for Vanity Fair, McSweeney’s and the Onion. FML. Maybe I should take up heroin!

  • RS

    I can believe you wasted one word, much less 7,000, on this self-mythologizing hack.

  • SueVerinity

    Next time, just make out with the guy and spare the rest of us the pain of having to read your love letters. Blegh.

  • Barry

    That was a great article on Mr. Brown. I’m sorry it was only 7,000 words. Nice to know that some evil geniuses are on our side.

  • RAB

    Tim probably did make out with him — but that wouldn’t have any effect on his typing fingers. Only death will spare us.

  • Hein

    Aww, here Tim Rogers was hoping that we would “have at him” and all that Barrett-bashing fun is happening elsewhere. Sadly, that also means fewer clicks for Wick, but that doesn’t matter to Tim.

    Instead, let’s keep bashing Tim. This is fun.

    (rubbing hands together in anticipation)

  • bigtex

    Standing.Clapping. Tim, you finally wrote a decent article!!! Im shocked and Im sure that even “old pencil shavings” would agree with me this time…….

  • Hein

    @bigtex – No, I said we should bash Tim. Not shower him with backhanded compliments!

  • amanda

    I hate to break it to ya, kid…but your heroin addiction is just like every other junkie…living AND dead. Be careful, BB, and Godspeed.

  • Barrett Brown

    I’ve been off opiates for like three weeks now, I should note.