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FrontBurner at Super Bowl XLV: The Thrill of Waiting in Line, The Glory of Cheering With Cheeseheads, the Awfulness of the Black Eyed Peas

By Jason Heid |


Chuck Cox, sports editor for People Newspapers, attended Super Bowl XLV as a fan. He files this report:

Somehow, I lucked my way into getting a Super Bowl XLV ticket for face value. I actually picked up my admission to football’s holy grail of games on Sunday morning, which made for one long, amazing day I will never forget.

Much like the disaster that was this past week, the experience certainly wasn’t without its faults. For example, I paid $55 to park, which was the absolute cheapest place I could find that wasn’t in Grand Prairie. Most places were charging at least a Benjamin.

I spent about two hours between getting in the security line and actually walking into “Jerry World.” And even with a face-value ticket, by the time I parked, got a program, and got some grub, I had spent right around a grand. My wife was thrilled.

Ah, the joys of waiting in line.
Ah, the joys of security checkpoints.

And exiting the stadium was about as big of a disaster as the musical offerings by Christina Aguilera and the Black Eyed Peas. At least I wasn’t one of the poor 400 people who didn’t actually get to see the game, despite having tickets. Hello, yet another PR nightmare.

SB - Superfan
Dude had to wear this the whole day? That's dedication. Wow.

Despite all of those things, it was well worth it to attend my first Super Bowl. As a sports fan, there’s nothing like knowing at the end of a game you’re attending, one team will be the ultimate champion. And to be there for the first one in “North Texas” was pretty special. I was hoping the Packers would win, since I couldn’t stand the thought of the Steelers winning their seventh Super Bowl on the Cowboys’ home field.

Oh yeah, if I don’t see another “Cheesehead” or “Terrible Towel” for a long, long tine, I’m totally cool with that.

Chuck counts himself lucky to have had a great Super Bowl experience for about a grand.
Chuck counts himself lucky to have had a great Super Bowl experience for about a grand.