What to Do in Dallas Tonight: July 19

This being a Monday in July, we know you may be tempted to spend your off hours planted on the couch in your boxers lapping up sherbet and plotting how you’ll spend your lottery winnings while the Weather Channel softly drones in the background. Man, you’re lazy.

Here’s a better use of your time: learning the basics of triathlon training at REI Dallas on LBJ. Your lecture leader will teach you how to pick a race, how long you can expect to train, what you should wear, etc. The beauty of this plan is that you don’t even have to break a sweat to feel superior to the slothful majority. You just have to show up!

Reward your obvious commitment to physical fitness with a cup of seasonal frozen yogurt at Pinkberry, or linger over a dish of gelato and a cup of tea at Natsumi. We bet you’ll be glad you didn’t waste your night watching House reruns again.

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