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Leading Off (5/20/10)

By Krista Nightengale |

1. I had so many hopes for this article after reading the headline, “Bob Woodruff Park in Plano to Host Texas Tree Climbing Championships.” But I was disappointed. I learned all about how old the trees in this park are, but I never learned the answers to the important questions: how do you get into tree climbing? What exactly makes a champion? What’s the record time/height for tree climbing? What are the tricks of the trade for tree climbing? These are the questions a true, hardcore journalist would’ve asked. (Or at least I would have because my tree climbing career ended at age 8 when I tied a rope around a tree to protect me in case I fell. I did fall. The rope was tied at the bottom of the tree. I got the worst rope burns of my life. I like to think I’m smarter now.)

2. Well, this just seems silly (you’ll get the pun in a minute). A McKinney school has made a new fad illegal. Apparently these little Silly Bandz are all the craze. At first, I didn’t get why they were banned. But after watching the segment, I understood. The very intelligent little boy, who is very serious and mature for his age, had some good things to say about how distracting the toys are.

3. I’m really not sure what to say about this one. Apparently a woman offered up her twins for $12. At the end of the piece, the writer mentions this is probably a scheme. I hope so. But even if it is a scheme, what a bad schemer. Ask for more than $12.