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Hutchison’s Two-Step on Arizona Immigration Law


Kay Bailey Hutchinson IMG_8532Asked about Arizona’s tough new law against illegal immigration, this state’s two GOP senators continue to dance a fancy Texas two-step. Blame the situation on the feds; decline to take a position on the new law. When we raised the issue with Kay Bailey Hutchison (pictured) at a Saturday fund-raising bash for Dallas Summer Musicals, Texas’ senior senator sounded not unlike her Senate colleague John Cornyn.

Hutchison: “It’s unfortunate that the federal government hasn’t done its job enforcing the borders. While we’ve got to have security, we also need to be very careful to avoid racial profiling.” Your correspondent: “But will the feds ever tackle the problem?” Hutchison: “Yes, but I think we need to do it in pieces …” Your correspondent: “So, do you think the Arizona law goes too far then?” Hutchison, laughing charmingly, walking away: “I’m here to support the Summer Musicals, not give an in-depth interview.”