Goodbye, Eric Celeste

Longtime readers of this blog know the name Eric Celeste from his many blog posts and from his French cuffs. He started here three and a half years ago as our managing editor and then went over to work for our custom division about six months ago. He’ll still work with those fine folks, helping them help companies tell their stories and prosper. But as of today, Eric will no longer be in the office. He’s striking out to launch his own enterprise, the official name of which is still a hotly debated topic (my suggestion, Bearded Bald Man Media, has been rejected).

Eric is celebrating his tenure right now at the Monk (it is telling that only four co-workers showed up to celebrate with him). If you see him later tonight at the Candleroom, sucker-punch him in the gut for me. If you need motivation, here’s a pic of Eric to get your dander up (you can punch me later, too).


  • towski

    Tim, I picture you typing this with one single tear rolling down your cheek…

  • publicnewssense

    “launch his own enterprise” — Seriously, do you really think there’s enough work around here for a company that specializes in hauling off weather-damaged limbs?

  • Wm. B. Travis

    Tim, turn the lights off when you leave.

  • @towski: Exactly. As long as you know the tear is due to my allergies. And the trash that I just saw thrown from a car on the side of the road.

  • DMBurrows

    Godspeed and goodluck. Had I known, I would have been there to buy you a beer.

  • Brandon

    Damn…FB will miss you, Eric.

  • stump’s agent

    dude! you have the largest forehead ever. Is it true what they say about big foreheads?

  • newsie

    Was Eric laid off?

  • JS

    RIP Eric.

  • Daniel

    So long, and may all your shirts be gay.

  • RAB

    Is it fair to characterize this as failing upwards?

  • TG

    Glad to see he has a new venture, but will definitely miss his input on the site.

  • PeterK

    i guess this means no more bromance photos

    • Eric’s leaving. He’s not dead.

  • RAB


  • handel

    Eric was such a good guy. Should we start a memorial fund?

  • Bethany Anderson

    So I should cancel the candlelight vigil and the memorial walk down Knox-Henderson?