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Are Dallasites Still Living Large?

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A lot has happened since the Dallas Convention and Visitors Bureau rolled out its “Dallas–Live Large. Think Big” tagline back in 2004, the result of a rebranding effort by The Richards Group. In the intervening years local boom turned to bust as the city laid off hundreds, Hummers were traded in for hybrids, multimillion-dollar mansions went into foreclosure and paychecks were slashed everywhere .

So, any second thoughts about the “live large” theme in a downsized, small-is-beautiful time when Dallasites are into shabby chic and raising chickens in their backyards?

Not at all, says John Beitter, who helped craft the city slogan at Richards’ Pyro Brand Development. “We see it as a metaphor,” one that makes sense “over a long period of time, rather than just this short economic crisis we’re facing,” he says. “We still like it and support it.”

So, that’s settled; Dallasites are still livin’ huge. And don’t let anybody tell you different.