Gordon Keith Gets Choked at the Super Bowl

Heard this on my way in this morning, and it made for some uncomfortable — but awesome — radio. Quick back story: The Ticket has a long-running feud with Baltimore radio host “Nasty” Nestor Aparicio that has played out over the last several Super Bowl trips. Anyway, Gordon Keith went by “Nasty” Nestor’s setup on radio row this morning, asking (on air) if they could put the past behind them. He was greeted, apparently, with a glare, and then after a moment, “Nasty” Nestor’s hands around his throat. Read a little more here. But don’t read the comments here. UPDATE: And listen here.


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26 responses to “Gordon Keith Gets Choked at the Super Bowl”

  1. Troll Doll says:

    It doesn’t say if, in a more intimate setting, he would’ve liked it.

  2. John says:

    Sports radio, the new wrestling.

  3. MM says:

    Way to stay on top of things Agent P. Keep us updated.

  4. I have to pay for that.

  5. Daniel says:

    Why no link to audio? Did Gordon Keith shriek like a little girl, begging Please don’t hurt me, Mr. Nasty, I’ll polish your shoes with the oil on my nose, anything! anything! ouch — not there! Please! Mommy! [voice strangling to the exact timbre and pitch of an human midget] You’ll be hearing from my lawyer, Cogs Zucker!!, and you don’t want to humiliate his Human Dignity?

  6. DM says:

    Maybe Nestor thought he was Kidd Kraddick?

  7. matt says:

    made deadspin! they like us, they really like us! except for the opposite.

  8. Guilty Bystander says:

    Proposed Headline:
    Nasty Chokes The Chicken

  9. Daniel says:


    No need to file charges, but do report him to the NFL. He should be banned from the Super Bowl.

  10. mediawonk says:

    My guess is that KTCK gets banned instead. I hope not, but it wouldn’t surprise me.

  11. Grumby Deacon says:

    Two jock “wana-a-be”s get in a slap match.


  12. dave little says:

    gordon is as far away from a “jock wana-a-be” as you could get.

  13. Uh-huh! says:

    99% of the comments on Deadspin are funnier, cleverer, and more biting than the ones here. The only exception is Trey’s.

  14. dave little says:

    i don’t think you’re very good at math.

  15. Uh-huh! says:

    Trey counts as a half. The math works.

  16. Troll Doll says:

    you still suck at math.

  17. Eric Celeste says:

    I’m with Dave Little on this. Reading Deadspin commenters is like re-reading transcripts of my conversations with my buddies at the Circle K in Tulsa, circa 1982.

  18. “I heard Rob Schneider picks up illegal immigrant workers at Home Depot and pays them to choke him out in the shower. That’s what I hear.”

  19. Ann says:

    Love the Family Guy reference, Trey.

  20. James says:

    Such great audio, why in the hell did George cut to commercial??? They had gold going on and George cuts to commercial?? WTF???

  21. Ann says:

    They went to commercial because the PR guy dropped the f-bomb when talking to Gordon.

  22. Murphy says:

    Actually, the NFL sided with Nestor immediately. They didn’t care to listen to the audio, get eye witness accounts, or watch the video. This irritated Craig Miller enough to go get the police. If not for the NFL’s response to the situation, I seriously doubt that the police would have become involved.

  23. Not Me says:

    Good grief, if you keep poking a stick at a dog, you shouldn’t be surprised when he finally bites you. And you dang sure shouldn’t expect the dog to be punished. None of this would’ve happened if not for Gordon and the Musers.

  24. Geronimo says:

    Maybe nasty should move to Dallas. He’ll fit in fine as he looks like a typical Uptown/Ghostbar DB.