Pete Sessions Explains His New-Found Love of Poker (Players)

Park Cities People has a recording of the first meeting where Sessions talks about his gray hair, then gets into the nitty-gritty business of being bought by the online poker interests.

Sidenote: In the full story published today in PCP, the Texas AG’s office reminds us and the Congressman that online poker is illegal in Texas.


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9 responses to “Pete Sessions Explains His New-Found Love of Poker (Players)”

  1. Glenn Hunter says:

    Great story, Josh.

  2. Gottlieb says:

    Herr Sessions is also posing with other Repubs in DC in protest for “no energy policy” vote.

    except he forgot that while in Congress for the past 7+ years, he’s done exactly the same damn thing. Play poker while we burn (oil).

    What a complete putz he is.

  3. ERG says:

    Is this really how our congressman should be spending his political capital in Washington? If he is a “leader” on gambling legislation, then he is not a leader on issues involving the local economy, energy, or the environment. I can think of hundreds of things that would be more meaningful in to his real constituants. This district needs a true representative in Washington.

  4. Tom says:

    Methinks that the gambling interests have been sending quite a bit of dough into the PAC. As a resident of his district, I’d rather he represent my interests, but I suppose you have to send him a check first.

  5. Democrat Dave says:

    I am very curious why his opponent has not made an issue in the media about this? Other than the D Magazine nation, there has only been one other media report on this. His opponent has really dropped the ball on making sure the voters are aware of this scandal. Relying on the blog sites to win this election will not work.

  6. Wes Mantooth says:

    “‘Gambling in Texas is illegal period,’ said Tom Kelley, a spokesman for the Texas Attorney General’s Office.”

    This is flat out false and I’d be amazed if the AG’s office would make such a statement. All kinds of gambling are already legal in Texas: horse racing, dog racing, the lottery. So either the AG’s office is underinformed about the laws of the state of Texas, is intentionally misstating the law, or the author of the article is doing some selective editing.

    I’m as conservative as they come, and I hope that Sessions can get the UIGEA overturned. It’s a terrible law, so poorly written that it’s going to be impossible to enforce, passed literally under the cover of darkness as a last-minute amendment to the port security bill, just as the 2006 congressional session was ending.

  7. corwin p says:

    Maybe Pete is defending a true ‘conservative’ principle – less government regulation of business. The law in question requires banks to ID and act upon illegal activities. Why is this not the responsibility of law enforcement? Because it would be a massive waste of time an resources. War on Drugs anyone?

  8. Vaudeville says:

    Mr. Mantooth has hit this on the head, and I’ll say that admittedly being as liberal as they come. The dirtiest of dirty little secrets that any real journalist could uncover and have themselves a whopper of a story just may involve the congressman behind the last minute tag on and they people who lined his campaign pockets. IJS.

    GO Zach.

  9. Zach in NY says:

    Tell that to the $2500 that is now being earmarked for booze and a possible secret day trip to Atlantic City.