Former Texas Ranger’s Forays To Home Plate Continue To Receive Coverage in All Places Except FrontBurner

Is it just me, or are we not talking enough about how our former shortstop unpacked his luggage at Madonna’s house? And that he’s gone all Doug Christie on us, according to, what with his text messages about being Madonna’s soulmate. Now, as much as you want to get derailed talking about the other items tagged on this cover (“Drew and Justin split?! No way! He’s so cute in Galaxy Quest!”), and as much time as we all want to spend looking at the online site’s sweet feature, Matthew McConaughey’s Top 10 Shirtless Moments, let’s focus, people. Was it worth it for A-Rod to risk his sterling reputation on the Material Girl? Comments are on.


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17 responses to “Former Texas Ranger’s Forays To Home Plate Continue To Receive Coverage in All Places Except FrontBurner”

  1. Randy Brown says:

    I don’t kow about his sterling reputation, but how many other people on the face of the planet can say they were the 6854th notch on Madonna’s bedpost?

  2. Marcus says:

    Why is Sarah posting from Eric’s computer?

  3. Jay says:

    Sometimes you just gotta get your kaballahs washed. IJS.

  4. Marci says:

    I’m jus starting to believe that this is some kinda Madonna spin thing she always seems to do around the time of her tours and cd releases…..i mean really….if she wanted to cheat on her hubby, i highly doubt she would let herself be caught…she’s too smart and cares about her money too much.

  5. Sky Masterson says:

    Wasn’t Richie Whitt researching an article when A-Rod was still in Texas about A-Rod and his wife (A-Rod’s wife, not Whitt’s)being part of a swinger’s club?

  6. Bobby Ewing says:

    Swing…and a miss? Or not. Love the PR machinery working overtime–from the biggest pubs to the blogosphere. Madonna is clearly the master of keeping her brand in the forefront of media.

  7. Eric Celeste says:

    Right. That is weird, Marcus. And Sarah has this up on her computer:

    Up is down, right is left.

  8. Tamara says:

    A-Rod is not smart to fall for her PR stunts. It will cost him public humiliation and his marriage. Madonna, as always, is concerned with making more money.
    Is his wife from Dallas? I always heard he married a woman who was an elementary school teacher in the area but it seems they met in Florida.

  9. Ground the Jett says:

    Wonder if Arod was a patron of the Cherry Pit?

  10. IttyBittyWussy says:

    The story would be a little more understandable if Madonna was in the least bit attractive these days.

  11. Anyone want to see where A-Rod lived on Douglas when he lived in Dallas?

  12. zach in ny says:

    ARod doenst give a shit about his reputation. Hes going to get his $30 million regardless. Reputation only matters to people in public office, Hollywood, and people with morals.

  13. JS says:

    The 80’s Madonna — hot. The 2008 Madonna — not even if she paid me.

  14. PuddinTane says:

    Jet: it wasn’t the Cherry Pit. Try again.

  15. Sky Masterson says:

    Thanks, b.

  16. Puddin'Tane says:

    A number of high level couples in Dallas have open marriages where both are allowed to have a boyfriend and girlfriend and it’s not related to swinging. There are some couples who choose to get into a lifestyle where they participate together in their sexual endeavors.

    It’s all part of dealing with the inevitable boredom that comes with marriage and I don’t think anyone needs to be that judgmental about it.