Fairfield Supporters Went Green for Development’s Green Light

imgp0004_3.jpgSupporters of the Fairfield Residential project at Lovers Lane are on a tear but they’re having fun with it. So far they’ve gotten together 400 letters of from neighbors and — somehow we missed this despite all the, um, journalists we tasked with, uh, covering the St. Patrick’s Day parade — they even put together their own float for last Saturday’s shindig. Fairfield Residential loaned the neighbors the banner and signs but, comes word:

This was their idea and they did all of the legwork to get themselves into the parade. They even paid their own entrance fee and rented their own trailer and sound equipment.

Waiting for word if opponents had a float in the parade.


6 responses to “Fairfield Supporters Went Green for Development’s Green Light”

  1. Jeff Duffey says:

    Even though I live in Lakewood I got an email from one of the resident supporters asking if I would join in their float. It’s great to see supporters of the project speaking out. Especially since they never had the opportunity to do so before the project was trashed.

    I wish we had this opportunity for Whole Foods!



  3. Liam says:

    Sarah Dodd earns her fee for the month.

  4. Birchbrook Manor Homeowner says:

    I from Birchbrook Manor (behind Signature Pointe). I came up with our parade idea and followed it through. Yes, I am the one who financially backed up the whole float/entry and did all of the leg work to make it happen. And it was the neighbors that did the decorating while I tended to our sound system. Why did we go through all of that hard work? Because we desperately WANT THE FAIRFIELD PROJECT! We had a lot of fun in the parade! And best of all, it was so great to hear all of the thousands and thousands of people cheering us on! Throughout the entire length of the parade, I could hear people yelling, “Go Fairfield!”. From what I saw from the parade, the majority of businesses and residences from this area wants the Fairfield project to begin!

  5. Birchbrook Manor Homeowner says:

    Come on 75206 & 75214


    Hello everyone! If you live in Angela Hunt’s district, in 75206 or 75214, we need your support! Please go to the website below and click on the tab “show support”, a letter will pop up and you just fill in the blanks and send it. Let’s welcome this 130 million dollar project into East Dallas! The hearing and voting will take place next Wednesday MARCH 26TH at City Hall. Thank you for your time.

  6. Lovers Lane DART station says:

    We must not forget how VITAL this Fairfield project is to the Lovers Lane DART station. This project is 2 blocks away from this DART station! We have NO new urban developments to support this station . On top of the Lovers / Central bridge we have 3 FLAGS: one is for University Park; the State of Texas flag and then there is the City of Dallas flag! This shows the 2 cities coming together! On our side, wouldn’t it make sense to have a NICE NEW REDEVELOPMENT? This area could use this new development! Let’s not foget this area! Everyone is so preoccupied with the growth in Lake Highlands, Victory Park and West Village. We need to be heard over here, as this Fairfield project goes along with the future planning of Dallas!