Blog War! Belo vs. Dallas Progress

At the risk of creating a Cat 5 media self-referencing vortex, this is a blog post about a blog post in response to a letter commenting on a column. Responding to this James Ragland column, Dallas Progress blogger Michael Davis wrote this letter to the editor. (Third one down). Don’t necessarily agree, but it’s above the belt. Then it got weird. This letter roused Ragland from his weekend slumber at his Paris, Texas abode, prompting a nigh unprecedented Sunday blogging wherein he felt it necessary not only to trot out his credentials and resume, he got downright snippy. Did anyone question his credentials? No? Very strange. He says the word “I” as often as Bill Clinton giving a Hillary stump speech. He then complains about cheap shots and then makes several of his own at Davis. And of course, no Internet insult can go unanswered, and so it goes.


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14 responses to “Blog War! Belo vs. Dallas Progress”

  1. Bethany says:

    I get Ragland’s point, but it was poorly executed. Someone unfamiliar with open meetings laws might think, “what’s the problem?” But it IS a slippery slope.

    Early in my career, a bunch of us from the newsroom went to lunch. Whilst there, we saw five county commissioners sitting at a table, also having lunch. A quorum, if you will. We got a table close enough to them to hear them talk about what was on the agenda for their meeting that afternoon. At some point, the county reporter got up and informed them that if they had a quorum, and were going to talk about agenda items during lunch, they were going to have to start posting their lunch meetings.

    When we got back, we conferred with our attorney, who also conferred with the state AG. But it still took two more occasions of happening upon them before they “got” the fact that a meeting with a quorum is a violation of the law if not posted ahead of time, and made available to the public.

    That being said, Ragland would’ve been better off explaining why we should care, not why we should care about him.

  2. Rawlins says:

    I wasn’t going to post on this but here goes.

    It is absurd to be taking sides here, as I have no reason to believe that Davis does not sincerely strive to better the plight of Oak Cliff particularly, in the course of his work both as a blogger and at city hall. But I also know that James Ragland should not be marginalized here in a winner-take-all mud wrestle, no matter who or what started whatever.

    Indeed, I, as someone who has followed Ragland’s lengthy contributing career, I know that, for instance, as a city hall reporter 20 years ago, he independently examined the city’s services and reported a story that ultimately played a role in leading some Oak Cliff council members threatening to secede from the city.

    Brouhaha or no, no one here needs to be maligned in the course of common good. In my case, it never hurts to have been in Dallas a long time. And to have some sense of the lineage of events and players. Both parties should show respect to the other for more reasons than one. It’s counterintuitive to do less.

  3. This really came out of nowhere. It’s obvious he didn’t do his homework to find out who he was dealing with. Anyone in Metro or Editorials could have told him.

  4. Bethany says:

    I think part of it is just an old fashioned disdain for bloggers, truth be told. I mean, look how they’ve NEVER really given credit to Allen Gwinn for uncovering the DISD credit card issues, even to the point of making it sound (in television ads) as if their reporter broke the story.

    He didn’t “need” to go find someone in Metro or Editorials – it was just a lowly blogger.

  5. Jack Jett says:

    Who in thier right mind would argue on this blog with Michael Davis who is D Magazine’s Media Star of the Year…BEST of Big D!

    It must really be the best because no one ever …ever…ever disagrees with him on his blog. He is the perfect Blogosapian.

    I want to be that when I grow up.

  6. ^ Not true, I put up opposing comments….just not yours.

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