Hispanic Journalists Come to the Defense of Rebecca Aguilar

A month ago, the National Association of Hispanic Journalists named Aguilar its broadcast journalist of the year. Yesterday, the NAHJ president, Rafael Olmeda, sent a letter to Channel 4 asking for Aguilar’s reinstatement. Olmeda does ask a good question: how come only Aguilar was suspended? Her report must have been seen by a producer or a managing editor before it aired? When Aguilar was escorted from the building, shouldn’t there have been at least one other employee right behind her?

Aguilar was scheduled to serve as a panelist last night at the Metromorphosis symposium. That’s why her photo is dead center of the Metromorphosis program. She told the organizers at the last minute that she had to back out (the able Catherine Cueller, who needs to update her resume, filled in). I was told that Aguilar has received threats from people who did not appreciate her report.


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