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(I’ve said nice things to Brian about his new/old gig in person. Don’t expect anything but snark in this space.)

I say good riddance. Brian is a known teetotaler and never quite fit in with the staff. His speech at the “Best Financial Planners” party was so inane that it made me want to grab the scallops at Pappas Bros. and stuff them into my ears. Not one single thing he wrote for this magazine ever won a National Magazine Award. And when he gets his hair cut, he always looks like a Marine.

FrontBurnervians, do not give him scoop. He will only hoard it until his departure, then use it to assign Skip Hollandsworth stories to write.

Brian: “Hey, Skip. Evan said you should check out FrontBurner. They’ve got an item about the Wylys’ garage sale. He told me to tell you to go check it out and write a 7,000-word Reporter piece on it.”

(Do I sound bitter? Because I’m not bitter. Dammit! I said I’m not bitter!)