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The People Have Spoken and Their Favorite Margarita is Mi Cocina’s Mambo Taxi

Thanks for playing.

Fun comes in many packages. Sometimes it’s shoved into a box that’s been wrapped with a bow. Other times it has a sexy leather interior and the power of 1,200 horses. Or enjoys retrieving tennis balls that have been flung across a park. Fun can be poured into a glass, scooped onto a cone, sat on, rolled around in, and smeared all over your body. We at D Magazine are big advocators for fun. And in honor of our love of all things amusing, we put together a bracket for you, the reader, to choose your favorite margarita in Dallas. Voting is fun. So is tequila. Seemed like a win-win.

Over the past month, you fun-loving lushes whittled the selection from 32 to one. Smoked fruit concoctions went head-to-head with hibiscus-infused agave. Calorie-conscious cocktails battled icy swirl margaritas. Some were rimmed with salt. Others were blended with fresh fruit. But only one was the winner.

And that…



(OK, I know you already know who won because it’s listed in the headline of this blog post. But just play along in the name of fun, k?)


Chances are if you live in Dallas and drink tequila, you’ve had this cocktail. The icy mix of Sausa Silver tequila, lime juice, house-made Pinot Noir sangria, and brandy is a popular Tex-Mex staple. So popular, in fact, that you deemed it your favorite. Being a tequila fan, I’d like to encourage you to try the other cocktails listed in our bracket. They, too, are just as fun.

Anyway, thanks for playing along. I hope you had a good time. Oh, and one of you is the winner of a $250 gift card—congrats to you.

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