Opening and Closings

Drugstore Cowboy in Deep Ellum Is Closed

R.I.P. to its coffee and cocktails.

Central Track reported yesterday that Deep Ellum coffee shop and bar, Drugstore Cowboy has closed. I’d never been to Drugstore Cowboy but some of my colleagues had, and they seemed to like it.

Eve dug the casual atmosphere and kombucha:

I love the relaxed atmosphere at Drugstore Cowboy in the morning. The Deep Ellum spot on the corner of Crowdus and Main would look like any coffee shop, save for the long bar and the stage at the back, the space opening in a way that feels more cavernous than you expected…But I set out to talk about the kombucha. I’m sure you know the slightly fermented, sparkly, tea-based beverage, sought-out for its probiotic qualities. You can find kombucha on tap at places like Local Press and Brew and Method Coffee, which round out their coffee menus with the beverage. Mostly what you find is the local brand Holy Kombucha on tap. Drugstore Cowboy is the only place I know making its own in-house.

Tara was a fan, too:

Drugstore Cowboy is the perfect bridge between grabbing a brew and grabbing a drink, bypassing the potential awkwardness of bringing a nondrinker to a bar or bringing someone who really wants a whisky to a coffee shop. Make it your new go-to for informal business meetings, social gatherings, and meetups.

Scott L. from Yelp, who is not my colleague, was into “pretty coolios only slightly dressed up talking about seemingly important things with actual decent art up on the walls.

Web editor Matt Goodman went one time and remembers “they had a projector above the bar pointed at the wall and the light would blind you as you ordered your drink.”

Overall it seems like this place will be missed.