Photo provided by Ascension.


Drink Doki Doki at Ascension Coffee

The nitro-infused cold brew arrives just in time for summer.

Ascension Coffee is now offering a highly caffeinated, nitro-infused cold brew called Doki Doki (the name is derived from the Japanese word that refers to the sound of a beating heart).

“Here at Ascension Coffee, we aim to drive a unique and memorable coffee experience,” says Ascension owner and master roaster, Russell Hayward. “And are always looking for new and exciting ways to showcase our amazing coffee. We are a truly global coffee experience, and Doki Doki allows us to bring a unique Japanese technique to brewing an amazing coffee that is refreshing in the heat of the Texas summer.”

Photo provided by Ascension.

The process:

Colombian coffee beans are placed into a Japanese cold brew tower. Water slowly drips (over a 12-hour period) to achieve a chocolatey and smooth cup of cold brew. After this process is complete, they nitrogenate it into kegs which gives the coffee a stout-like flavor and consistency.

So go order it. We know you want to, if only for the opportunity to say the word “Doki.”