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Bizarre Booze: The Curried Russian from DISH

This sweet and savory dessert cocktail is an unexpected treat.
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Photography by Catherine Downes.

Bizarre Booze: The Curried Russian from DISH

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DISH beverage director, Trevor Landry came up for the recipe for The Curried Russian at home. “I’d been cooking with curry a lot,” he explained to me “I wanted to do [a drink] with curry but I didn’t know what, and it was around the same time I’d tasted Combier Doppelt Kummel Extra Liqueur for the first time.” After some experimenting he came up with The Curried Russian.

The dessert cocktail is a mix of Stolichnaya vodka, Kahlúa, house-made red curry syrup, cream, and is topped with a Combier Doppelt Kummel Extra Liqueur floater, and a maraschino cherry. The curry is pungent, but is complimented by the syrupy coffee flavor of the Kahlúa and cream. Stick a straw in the glass for a balanced swig, or sip directly from the rim for a strong taste of the Combier Doppelt Kummel Extra Liqueur, which is made from caraway, cumin, and fennel seeds.

The Curried Russian is currently only available at the DISH Preston Hollow location.