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Bizarre Booze: The Shepard at Bolsa

This cocktail is made with rum, lime, arugula, and goats milk. That's right, goats milk.
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“He has the best ideas, but also the worst ideas,” Kyle Hilla, head bartender at Bolsa says about co-worker Spencer Shelton.

“I just let it all out…” Shelton responds in his defense.

“Yeah, he’s great at brainstorming,” Hilla replies, while garnishing a cocktail.

The Shepard is the result of one of Shelton’s brainstorms. The cocktail hasn’t been on the menu for long, roughly two weeks. It’s made with rum, lime, arugula, and goats milk syrup. That’s right, goats milk.

To make the syrup, the bartenders combine one pint of goats milk with 2/1 syrup (two parts sugar, one part water). The end result is creamy, sweet, and tangy. The drink was designed to be a savory daiquiri, and tastes like an arugula and goat cheese salad. The bittersweet syrup overpowers the flavor of rum, making it a very easy cocktail to drink. The murky, green concoction is worth a try — if you’re partial to goats milk, that is.

Hilla explains that he’ll be experimenting with more vegetable-based, savory cocktails throughout the spring.

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