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Into Shelley’s Belly: Steel City Pops

Steel City mastered the pop in Alabama, and now there are (almost) two locations in Dallas.
By Matthew Shelley |
The counter at Steel City. Photography by Matthew Shelley.

I am not a scientist. Nor am I a magical engineer like I imagine the folks behind Steel City Pops must be. Popsicles, freeze pops, ice lollies (my favorite name) or whatever you like to call them, are a mystery I don’t care to solve. All sarcastic prodding aside, the little shop born from Homewood, Alabama recently opened its first store in Texas. Luckily for you, that shop is on Greenville Avenue just across the street from Trader Joe’s. Of the two sides to their menu, Fruity and Creamy, you really can’t go wrong and no palate will go unchallenged. From Chocolate Chili to Pineapple Jalapeño all the way over to Blood Orange, there is something to dazzle all.

Steel City's Menu. Photography by Matthew Shelley.
Steel City’s Menu. Photography by Matthew Shelley.

A single pop will set you back $2.77. You could also get a 4 pop bag $10 or 12 pop box for $30 to take home with you. The people you love will love you more. I ventured into wild territory by ordering Chocolate, Vanilla, Strawberry and Peanut Butter. Each was as delicious as the next- a chilled, not overly sweetened, and densely flavored summer treat. It’s a quick in and out at the small shop, and you are welcome to enjoy your pop inside at one of the few chairs along a window seat or dine au natural on the covered patio. The place feels a bit like an extension of True Food kitchen not only in its aesthetics but also its insistence on healthy, locally-sourced organic ingredients. Yes, these pops are not going to ruin your beach body. They are made fresh in house with few ingredients. The menu will change based on the season’s offerings, and it appears I can’t say enough about Steel City Pops. I just love seeing a storefront dedicated to a single item that is well executed. Now that you’re heating up from thinking about all this deliciousness, go and cool down with a fresh ice lolly from Steel City Pops on Greenville, or at their new location set to open in a few days in Fort Worth.