Open Casting Call for SideDish Contributors

Turn your food-eating hobby into a semi-job. Sort of.

via Pixar Animation Studios
via Pixar Animation Studios

Nancy and I are on the prowl for new writers. We’re looking for easy-going, strong go-getters who can play hard ball with two “sassy biotches.” (Nancy’s words, not mine.) Send us your best pitches, 2-3 writing samples, and a short paragraph about yourself. We want to know why you love food and what grand plans you might have for SideDish, D Magazine‘s food blog. We can’t pay you much, but you’ll be rewarded with gift cards, free food, and a bunch of love and gratitude. Photography skills are a plus. If you’re interested, please email [email protected].

Update: I probably should have clarified this earlier, but please only email me if you are pitching an idea. Come up with a series you could write about once a week. No head shots, please. Or photos with your nephew. We aren’t OKCupid.

Update Part 2: Applications are now closed. Thanks for all your interest!


  • lizuhbuh

    Peter O’Toole =(

  • Jeff Hayden

    Why don’t you hire a vegetarian who doesn’t like cheese to review Mexican restaurants like Pegasus News did.

  • Dubious Brother

    ….who can play hard ball with two “sassy biotches.” – I’m out.

  • Mark Jameson

    I love food so much that I read the words “clarified this earlier” as clarified butter upon first glance!

  • Corky Luxembourg

    Do you guys office at The Observer? I was told by a close associate at a news outlet in Ft Worth that there’s a room behind the front reception desk that’s empty except for pillows, a rug, and a picture of Pres Obama on the wall. Sorta like a mediation room dedicated to the POTUS, where people bow and make offerings and sit quietly. Is that true?