‘Tis the Season of Pumpkin: 7 Foods and Drinks to Satisfy Your Fall Cravings

Fourteen Eighteen's spiced pumpkin latte (photography by Carol Shih)
Fourteen Eighteen’s spiced pumpkin latte (photography by Carol Shih)

You like pumpkin, I like pumpkin, we all love pumpkin. You’re a grinch if you don’t.

‘Tis season of pumpkin-mania. People go crazy over Starbucks’ pumpkin lattes and pumpkin cookies and pumpkin muffins. I, for one, am not immune to this very serious fall fever.

Well, friends. I have options that will take you to the far reaches of Dallas (and downtown Plano) and back. You’ll thank me later when your stomach is happy. Enjoy this list of seven pumpkin foods and drinks. If you’ve seen other goodies around town, share them in the comments section.

1. Fourteen Eighteen Coffeehouse’s pumpkin latte

All you Starbucks-pumpkin-latte drinkers need to convert to this gorgeous beauty (pictured above) at Fourteen Eighteen. My friend, who was once an unbeliever of pumpkin lattes, took two sips of this and converted. It’s rich, creamy, pumpkiny, and a darn good latte.

2. Max’s Wine Dive’s pumpkin and squash mezzaluna

Max’s Wine Dive’s new fall menu includes this warm ravioli dish. Sautéed pumpkin, pepitas, and ham join in holy, buttery matrimony.

Pumpkin & Squash Mezzaluna
Pumpkin and squash mezzaluna (photography by Matthew Shelley)

3. Cook Hall’s pumpkin sundae

Craving a cold dish? Make a bee-line for this pumpkin sundae at Cook Hall. It’s got house-made pumpkin ice cream, gingerbread, cranberries, and bourbon whipped cream to top it all off.

Pumpkin Ice Cream Sundae, Cranberry, Gingerbread, Bourbon Whipped Cream
Pumpkin Ice Cream Sundae, Cranberry, Gingerbread, Bourbon Whipped Cream

4. Start’s pumpkin chai smoothie

Start’s pumpkin smoothie is made with pumpkin puree, organic chai, and organic yogurt. There’s no fake pumpkin in here. Use this to jumpstart your day.

Start’s pumpkin chai smoothie (photography by Carol Shih)

5. The Tamale Company’s pumpkin tamales

Once it hits fall, Liz Plimmer and her dad get pumpkin tamale orders from customers who wait, every year, for these gluten-free, lard-free pumpkin tamales. The Tamale Co. suggests you serve them warm with whipped cream, condensed milk, or spiced peaches. Buy them online.

The Tamale Company
The Tamale Co.’s pumpkin tamales (photography by Kevin Marple)

6. Lakewood Brewing Co.’s Punkel

From the beery depths of Matthew Shelley: “This dark, pumpkin pie spiced Punkel from Lakewood Brewing Co. doesn’t actually have any pumpkin in the beer, but there’s a blend of cinnamon, all-spice, nutmeg, and ginger that call to mind all beauty of pumpkin pie in expert fashion. Yes, it’s not a typical fall pumpkin beer. It’s modeled after pumpkin pie, instead. It drinks easy and will please all mouths.”

Punkel (photo by Matthew Shelley)

7. Trader Joe’s pumpkin croissants

Holy cow, if you haven’t eaten these, you have to. This four-pack of pumpkin croissants is probably the best thing you can buy all season. Proof the dough overnight for 7 hours, then bake for 20-25 minutes until the croissants become fat and poofy. The crispy edges make biting into the soft pumpkin interior all the more exciting. For last year’s list, click over here.

Trader Joe’s pumpkin croissants

For last year’s list, click over here.