Savor and Relish in Klyde Warren Park are Soft Opening Next Week

Savor rendering
Savor rendering

Wasn’t Klyde Warren Park just built yesterday? Now its two restaurants, Savor and Relish, are gearing up to open next week. Craziness. Everything is opening next week!

Starting Tuesday, September 24, the gastropub (Savor) and casual cafe (Relish) will be dining destinations for park-goers in downtown Dallas. Uh oh, LARK on the Park. Enjoy your last week of non-competition while it lasts.

Nancy has written extensively about the 10,963-square-foot of space owned by John Coleman and Joe Scigliano of F2M Hospitality. Savor’s menu leans heavily in favor of communal food, like pizza and flatbreads. Relish is basically the food truck, minus… well, the truck.

Even though construction on the exterior doesn’t look quite ready, I spied a bunch of dressed-up people inside Savor last night. The press woman tells me that the chef has been holding trial runs for close friends and family. Savor is scheduled to open on Tuesday, but Relish’s big day remains unknown at this time. It’s going to happen sometime next week, though.