Restaurant Review: Peak & Elm Cocina y Bar in Dallas

The delicious elotes at Peak & Elm. (Photography by Kevin Marple)
The delicious elotes at Peak & Elm. (Photography by Kevin Marple)

There was a lot of buzz when this 50-seat American/Mexican joint opened in February in New East Dallas. Most of the excitement came from the fact that Peak & Elm is owned by the Moreno family, operators of two outposts of La Popular Tamale House. We arrived at 1 pm hoping to miss the lunch rush. Our party of two turned out to be the lunch rush. The menu is short but intriguing. We ordered elotes to start. When the server returned to the table, we placed the rest of our order: cheese enchiladas, tamale pie, and chicken and beef tacos. Every dish was delivered cold. The enchiladas were stacked, and the round pile was covered with a thick cheese sauce and topped with salsa. It might have been better had someone taken the time to run it under a broiler for a few seconds.

The rest.


  • CB Foodie

    Nancy, Did the waiter notice that you didn’t touch your enchiladas?

    • Nancy Nichols

      No. I asked her to wrap them up. I heated them up for dinner later..

  • Ricky Ferrer

    I had the exact same experience. Food was cold and my wife couldn’t finish her cheese enchiladas. The table next to us (the only other table occupied) complained about getting their elotes after their entree. Looks so neat from the outside, but the inside decor was a little sad. Was hoping the food would make up for it.

  • t b

    What a shame they dropped the ball when Nancy was there. On my only visit (which happened to be yesterday for lunch), I had two very good, very fresh tasting chicken and guacamole tostadas. (They were particularly generous with the avocado.) I also thought the chips and salsa were good. It was way above average for a standard Tex-Mex fare, and makes we want to go back. Fingers crossed that they can improve their consistency.

  • Downtowner

    I have been 5 times and typically get the ceviche, enchiladas with mole sauce, and the veggie fajitas. Every time the ceviche has become more unbearable, I actually love the stacked enchiladas but I think they changed the mole sauce where it isn’t as good, but the fajitas have always been my favorite anywhere. The service has always been very personable and caring. I also love the BYOB. I’ll continue to go, but I think they need to re-evaluate their food.