Laura Bush Likes Cane Rosso

George W. Bush and Laura Bush (photo taken by Jeanne Prejean)
George W. Bush and Laura Bush (photo taken by Jeanne Prejean)

Ever wondered where the former First Lady dines in Dallas? Apparently, it’s Cane Rosso. A friend of mine spotted her there this past Saturday afternoon. There was no doubt, he said. That perfectly coifed hair could belong to none other than Laura Bush. As the taco festivities raged in Deep Ellum this weekend, the former First Lady sat inside Cane Rosso, munching on pizza. According to Jay Jerrier, Mrs. Bush, who “was super nice,” ordered the Mista, Gus, Funghi, and Zeppole pizzas. Wicked cool.

[Correction: Jay Jerrier says it’s “2 pizzas. Mista is a salad & Zeppole is dessert. 4 people. Super super nice too.”]


  • Kristen

    She’s also a regular at Nonna.

  • Jack Jett

    Laura Bush eats Pizza. It boggles the mind. Someone told me she drinks water too! However, I would have never thought she would be a fan of Funghi.

  • Margie Hubbard

    Laura Bush ate 4 pizzas?

    • Shelly

      Mista is a salad and zeppoli is dessert.

  • Brian

    who cares, she also likes Goffs. I like what I like too.

  • Lynn

    She also like The Zodiac Restaurant DT @ Neiman Marcus

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  • BosqueNorse

    Who gives a crap what this fat ass Republican likes to eat or where she dines.