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Bolsa and Bolsa Mercado in Dallas Are Making Some Changes


Meet-and-Eat-exterior-mercado-pic-300x199Don’t try to eat at Bolsa on Monday because the restaurant will be closed. They will reopen on Tuesday as Bolsa, but they will no longer serve lunch, just dinner and  weekend brunch only (starting at 10AM). I repeat: No more lunch at Bolsa. For lunch, pass go, and head next door to Bolsa Mercado. They’ve added 24 seats and Chef Jeff Harris has reworked the menus of both places. At Mercado you can expect beef, turkey and veggie burgers, fries, new sides, quinoa salad (DUH!), and a pasta of the day. Nothing else will change at Mercado. You can still pick up prepared food and dinners for two, etc.

Bolsa closed today, Sunday, after brunch and will undergo some minor repairs and painting. They will reopen on Tuesday with a new menu which is still in progress. Harris will finally have a clean slate to tweak the menu his way. The dishes won’t be any fancier or cost more, it will be Bolsa as usual. Only a little different. To start their almost five-year anniversary, they will be selling flatbreads for $5 this Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday.

“It just made sense for us to consolidate our lunches and rework  Bolsa,” co-owner Chris Zielke says. “We are streamlining our business plan and this allows the Bolsa staff to come in and prep for dinner without having to do lunch.” Zielke and Co. plan to finish the “patio we never finished” next to Mercado and hopes to have 50 seats in a couple of months. In a few weeks, Mercado will open for breakfast as well.