Special Report: People Who Raise Chickens in Their Backyard

(clockwise from top left) Side windows let in ventilation; The Drueberts turned a playhouse into a coop; The Whittingtons built their coop out of donated shipping crates and lumber scraps. Photography by Misty Keasler

I’m a bird lover and a lover of fried chicken. Yes, it’s an anomaly I shove to the back of my brain when I dine. I’m also a dog lover but, because I consider them pets, I don’t eat them. Yes, it’s a fine line or stone’s throw (insert your favorite cliche here) away from hypocrisy. Many people are raising chickens in their backyard and their reasons for doing so are varied. Some like to eat a lot of eggs. Others raise and sell their chickens. It’s a marvelous way to keep in touch with the food supply and an excellent family project.

In this month’s D Magazine, photojournalist Misty Keasler profiles several families who raise chickens in their Dallas backyards. You’ll see gorgeous hen houses, eco-friendly backyards, and cute kids gathering eggs. However, I can’t get that famous Thanksgiving scene in the movie Giant out of my brain.

Check out the full story and marvelous pictures here.