Kids Kritics: Schools + Restaurants = One Big Happy World

We don’t often think of schools and restaurants in the same train of thought.  In this post, our Kids Kritic, Elizabeth Chandler, notes the synergism between food trucks/restaurants and schools. Kudos to restaurants who support their local schools by hosting a “Restaurant Night” and giving back a portion of their proceeds to the school.

Trailer Cakes Airstream "Bubbles"

Recently, my old elementary school had the food truck, Trailercakes, selling their cupcakes after school. I think this is a great idea. Now, my school district being smaller than some, like Dallas and Houston, we don’t have as many kids, but still, the line was probably from end to end of the school.  I tried to get my brother to get me a few cupcakes.  They have the mini ones, but sadly, the line was too long and he had to go home.  It was a tragedy with a capital T.  Also, I couldn’t somehow manage to race from middle school to the elementary school; and running? Not my thing.

Anyways, speaking of middle school I think it would be a great idea to do the same thing (have a food truck show up) in middle school or the high school. I mean that’s 1,2,3,4 times that many people for middle school and for the high school instead of going home or eating *shudder* high school cafeteria food.   Since food trucks are kind of a new thing, kids won’t know what they are, but they will know it is a miniature-sized restaurant that is 5 yards away from the school.

Another thing I think is great is restaurants, real ones, are teaming up with schools to do stuff like 10% of their sales go to blank elementary, middle, or high school. Or kids eat free night. Things like that I think is great because it is great for business for the restaurants, and cheaper for the family. So keep on teaming up, schools, with food trucks or restaurants. Bye, y’all.


  • Parkie

    Elizabeth, it’s a great idea in theory, but it would hurt the school’s cafeteria sales and cause food to be wasted. Since the schools have to pay cafeteria employees, losing sales to a food truck can negatively affect the budget. And when prepared food is left uneaten, it usually has to be thrown away.

  • Elizabeth

    well it wouldn’t be all the time just be every once in a while. Like every 2 or 3 weeks it would be a new food truck so the schools won’t be throwing the food away. As for the food sales again, it would only be every once in a while not every day. and for the dessert/ not lunch or dinner trucks after school they could sell when the cafeteria isn’t selling food.