Desiree + Camera: Photo Essay of Hypnotic Donuts in East Dallas

Hippie donuts will be served in a groovy setting.Photography by Desiree Espada.

SideDish photographer Desiree Espada roams the roads with her camera looking for good things to eat and shoot. Check out her photo essay of Bolsa Mercado. Then feast your eyes on what to expect when the Jerry Garcia of donut making, James St. Peter, opens Hypnotic Donuts on Sunday, January 29.

Glory be to the donut.

Interior seating. Kate Nelson of Piecurious makes curious donuts. Photography by Desiree Espada.
James St. Peter rings up a sale. Photography by Desiree Espada.
The Zoo Ropa with iced animal cookies. Photography by Desiree Espada.

Jenni's evil Elvis: peanut butter with banana and bacon. Photography by Desiree Espada.
Greek yogurt parfait and The Hypnotic. Photography by Desiree Espada.

The Canadian Health Care. Photography by Desiree Espada.
The Biscuit Board. Photography by Desiree Espada.

Biscuit with peanut butter and jelly. Photography by Desiree Espada.
Fried chicken biscuit and gravy. Photography by Desiree Espada.
Hypnotic Donuts: Inside out. Photography by Desiree Espada.
Team Hypnotic: Rachel Villarreal, Kate Nelson,and James Baker. Photography by Desiree Espada.


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  • I am scared by the fact that they are making donuts and not all are wearing gloves. Yikes…………..

  • bweiner, don’t worry. These photos were taken before they opened and we staged them. You can be sure that they work with gloves on all of the time…

  • JG

    Gloves are no safer than clean hands.

  • Beda

    I stopped by this morning and had a Canadian Health Care and an orange-glazed donut, and loved them both. I was very happy to learn that they made donuts that were not as elaborate (and sweet and filled with frosting and candy) as the ones that are usually shown.

  • Paige Larsen

    There is strong evidence that gloved kitchens are actually worse than bare hands as far as cross contamination and food born illness.

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  • sara

    @bwiener, hate to tell you but gloves aren’t worn. When you go out to eat your food has touched so many hands that gloves wouldn’t matter. Subway is the only place I see someone put gloves on. Yes, they wear gloves and after making your sandwich the grab your cash with the same gloves touch the register and go to the next persons sandwich. Sweaty gloves. I’d rather let hands touch my food. Just saying.

  • Eagles

    Went for the grand opening this morning, for my husband’s sake as I don’t care for donuts. Hubby loved them but after an hour and a half wait he was limited in his options. The frier wasn’t working so no chicken biscuits and they ran out of all toppings for said biscuits except the jelly. The wait was expected but once we got inside I realized the wait was not because they were busy cranking out fresh donuts but because the staff is super slow! There was one girl at the service counter and one guy at the “register”. No one was explaining what the donuts were and no descriptions, just prices, leaving the once pot head moms and screaming ill behaved children to contemplate endlessly. Better counter service would do this place well; otherwise, according to my donut loving hubby it was well worth the wait and the $15 for 7 donuts.

  • My husband went there to buy doughnuts Sunday a.m. about 8:30 abd they weren’t open! I think most people would agree that people who eat donuts on weekends in this “older” demographic would want donuts earlier than 9 o’clock!! He said what was even worse that there were several people trying to get in. There was a guy sitting at a table reading the paper. He wouldn’t even come out and explain that they opened at 9 o’clock. He just raised up 9 fingers and turned arond and kept reading the paper. This is NOT how to win friends and a clientele! My husband went up to Southern Maid Donuts at Casa Linda on corner of Buckner and Garland Rd.
    Guess who he met up with…………the three other people who turned away by Hyonotic!! Southern Maid is loving the competition!! 🙂

  • joleen

    This is a knock from Voodoo Doughnut in Portland, OR (I also spotted in the article they offered him the idea for Dallas). Southern Maid just needs to put a twist on what they offer…..bacon/peanut butter/honey on a donut….cereal on a donut….spicy donut….nothing spectacular here, not organized, overpriced (I think these people have some relation to Good 2 Go Taco…..snobby and OVERPRICED!). Only good thing I got from their donut was the donut itself tasted good and it was rich/thick….but no reason for such HIGH PRICES!!! What a RIP!!!

  • Twinwillow

    That’s the crowd they want and they’re going to get. The same bunch of “under 30’s” that pay for a $6.00 taco at Good 2 Go Taco.