Grand Opening Party: Two Corks and a Bottle in Uptown

We sent D Magazine intern Suzanne Asfar to check out Two Corks and a Bottle, a new custom winery and wine bar in Uptown.

As luck would have it, my first event to cover as an intern at D Magazine was the grand opening of Two Corks and a Bottle, a wine bar and make-your-own wine shop. The scene was a festive. The room opened into a small, intimate seating area with bistro tables occupied by happy party goers. Behind them, in the center of the hubbub, co-owner Elwyn Hull stood behind a u-shaped granite bar and poured wine into glasses. We shuffled closer and deeper into the 40-odd scatter of middle-aged nondescript folks (we were easily the youngest couple in the joint) and were greeted by Barb, the marketing and PR contact.

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She introduced me to the equally gregarious and other co-owner John Ley. John took us to the workroom and gave us the rundown on the bar-winery: its conception in Michigan inspired by his brother Bob (you can read the story and more on their website); the opening of the franchise in July with his (business) partner and former boss Elwyn; and the brewing and bottling processes.

Outside, four food trucks—Nammi Truck, Ssahm BBQ, 3 Men and a Taco, Gennarinos—that she hoped would not perturb the unsuspecting security guard provided sustenance. Inside we noshed on cheese plates from Scardello and Baker Bros. that she hoped would not perturb the unsuspecting security guard. We sampled John’s favorite wines that were also on the list for the night: Amarosso’s Italian Amarone and the 65° Savignon Blanc. We also sipped of the Wild Zee Pomegranate Zinfandel that tasted to me like a bad off-brand candle and the Mojito Cooler which was too minty for John, just right for Elwyn, and fine for me with a higher alcohol content than your normal wine cooler. The patio was lovely and the grand opening party for Two Corks and a Bottle’s made for a lovely evening.

The Quadrangle in Uptown

2800 Routh Street, Suite 140

corner of Routh and Laclede

Dallas, TX  75201

214-871-WINE (9463)


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    “40-odd scatter of middle-aged nondescript folks (we were easily the youngest couple in the joint)”

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    Thanks for giving us the heads up on this new place. A good friend was there, and he spoke very well of it. Hope your next assignment is just as fun.

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    @ Beda. That description by itself (i.e. DB free zone) made it appealing to me! At least we didn’t have to read about any of the hottest/most eligible kniuckleheads at this place.
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