Ate it for $8: Outta the Oven Café and Bakery in Addison

Kristy Alpert files this report.

Overview: Luckily for Outta the Oven, the place I had originally planned on reviewing was closed for renovations and this all-natural bakery was in my sights as my lunch mate threw one of his famous I’m-so-freaking-hungry-get-me-food- now hissy fits. I’d heard rave reviews of their cakes and thumbprint cookies, but I had yet to hear anyone mention their menu items in their café. So, on a whim, I pulled in and stepped into an odd mix of aromas: freshly brewed coffee, sautéed onion, and cake frosting.

Menu: From panini and salads to quiche and muffins, Outta the Oven Café and Bakery offers a pretty nice range of breakfast and lunch items with some outstanding baked goods and pastries. They’re known for their elaborate and moist layered cakes but their petit fours are both adorable and delectable. I rarely have time for breakfast in the morning (aside from a banana or cup of yogurt), so the fact that they serve breakfast until 3PM makes it easy for people like me (read: not morning people) to get their toast or pancake fix in, even if it is later in the day!


Texas Feast served until 3PM daily.
Roast beef and provolone sandwich.
Some of the condiments at the Tea Bar.

What we ate: It took me three seconds to decide. Two words: Texas Feast. For $7.95 I got three eggs over easy with a piece of whole wheat toast, three hearty (and salty) strips of bacon, a mini blueberry walnut muffin, and rosemary potatoes that taste like all the flavors of Thanksgiving rolled into one. While I took photos of my friend’s roast beef melt sandwich ($8.95 with mini muffin and chips), I turned over my mini muffin, one egg and two strips of the bacon to appease his hungry glares. His sandwich tasted like a French dip without the au jus, with slices of roast beef nestled beneath melted provolone cheese, caramelized onions, and a horseradish sauce. Both meals were excellent and incredibly filling.

Extras: Dessert. Mmm the dessert. After lusting after a strawberry layer cake, I reluctantly decided to save it for another time. I did however get a cup of their house coffee, which was smooth and lightly roasted. They also have a tea bar with orange and lemon slices and fresh mint leaves set up (so cute!) and desserts displayed on every available counter space.

5100 Beltline Road, Suite 802. 972-866-0011

Mon – Fri : 9:00 am – 3:00 pm
Sat :  9:00 am – 3:00 pm

(They have a second location in Las Colinas.)


  • Thanks for the killer review on Outta The Oven, one of the great restaurants at Village on the Parkway in Addison!