Chef Tony Gardizi Rides Again: Café Mykonos in Plano

Café Mykonos, a “European restaurant with a Greek influence,” is, according to their website, undergoing a facelift. This morning comes word from their head surgeon, chef Tony Gardizi. You remember Tony. He’s cheffed at Vino and Basso, Guthrie’s, Bali Bar, Mi Piaci, and Capriccio Ristoranti. Most recently he went down with the ship at Decanter Restaurant in Bishop Arts. Chef Gardizi’s new menu at Café Mykonos rolls out today.

UPITTY DATE: Gardizi said the new menu is locally sourced New American. It will not be Greek at all.

Jeez, I forgot to mention Vueve. You remember Vueve and Club Nine7Two. The Champagne company got upset and they had to change their name to Vue. There was a miniature Trevi Fountain in the dining room and Gardizi attempted to create Global Cuisine? If you don’t remember, Heather will show you around.


  • irodguy

    Well that’s interesting. I really like Tony all though his track record… I really like Mykonos, well we will see.

  • SLP

    Very excited to visit this place tonight. Good to see one of my favorite chef’s is back in the saddle again!

  • RP

    I visited the original concept three times. The first two times it was knock your socks off good, and the third time it was awful, and the writing was on the wall. With a great deal of skepticism and trepidation, I wish them luck with their reimagination.

  • tony is a crazy good chef. try his vegetarian stroganoff.