Decanter Restaurant in Bishop Arts is Closed

Tonight I received a note from Najam Jaffri of Decanter Restaurant in Bishop Arts withe the sad news:

I wanted to let you know that I have decided to close Decanter Restaurant and wine Lounge in Bishop Arts District as of today. We could never implement our original concept and staffing,weather and economy were other factors.Shop owners at Bishop Arts are great people and I will miss them.

UPITTY DATE: Jaffri says he and chef Tony Gardizi will stay together to do catering.  “We will be opening new restaurant in November before Thanksgiving,” Jaffri said.


  • LJT

    Sad to see this. I thought the food was really good (calamari AND escargot? Yes please!), and the paint on the walls was not nearly as objectionable as LB would have had you believe. This space has had its share of failed restaurants – BUT I would be willing to bet if David & Jennifer Uygar moved their tiny, lovable Lucia to this nice big space we wouldn’t have to worry about the occupancy (or a two month wait for a table) again…hint hint!

  • Twinwillow

    I’m afraid, I thought this would happen. I didn’t think their location was very good and there wasn’t enough “buzz” about them.

  • SW

    Can I use my “Seize the Deal” at their new restaurant?

  • So sorry to see them go. They had such a fun concept. Loved having brunch there a number of times.

  • HeatherBee

    Loved this little hot spot of charm! Sad to see it go. But I look forward to see where Chef Tony and his creations land next.

  • Stefano

    Bravo Chef Tony! C’etait vraiment de’licieux! Merci’ beaucoup! Can’t wait to visit your next Gastronomical endeavor!

  • Randy

    Shame. The wine list was one of the most interesting & best-priced in town, but the food was kinda meh. Not all that surprised.

  • SLP

    Bummer!!! Loved the food, service and bartender!
    But you could tell there was a big disconnect within….management. Funky vibe with the owner when you walked in.

  • Not surprised to see this place go at all. The food, while sometimes inventive was not exciting to say the least. Very poor execution and laziness by part of Chef (lol) Tony has no doubt dealt this restaurant a 1-2 body blow. The wine selections and their pricing was the only good thing they had going, and even that hasn’t been good as of late. Now I have to find a way to get the money paid for my Groupon back… /sigh Epicfail.

  • In the Know

    Staffing was a problem… as in their choices of staff. How you’ll run a ‘wine focused’ restaurant with a staff that doesn’t know and isn’t allowed to taste wine – nice people, anyway – is beyond me. A poorly written menu which is 60% inaccurate, minimum, on a day-to-day basis… food bought at Costco, haphazard and inconsistent execution, incoherent presentation… “weather and economy,” they say. What killed Decanter was bad execution by people in over their heads and way too sure of themselves. Tragic – it’s a perfect place for a wine bar/bistro that doesn’t suck. Maybe the next tenant will do it right.