Restaurant Review: The Chicken Coop in Dallas

I’ve stopped into The Chicken Coop in Preston Royal Shopping Center a couple of times. The long tiny space runs alongside Sushi Star in the southwest quadrant. The first time I wandered in they had just opened. The deep-fried chicken is cooked to order which is a good thing if you know in advance and call in your order (214-750-4420). Otherwise, be prepared to wait. The chicken I received on my first visit was worth the wait. Not so much the second time, primarily because it was overcooked in oil that needed to be changed. The biscuits were great but the cream gravy needed tons of fresh cracked pepper. Most of the sides I tried were just like my grandma cooked them–to death. And the mashed potatoes need butter and maybe real potatoes as a base.

Would I go back to The Chicken Coop? Perhaps, but only because while I was waiting for my chicken, a woman I’ve know for a bazillion years walked into the restaurant and said, “Oh please don’t write about the chicken fried steak here. It’s so good I don’t want anyone to know about it.” I’m tempted by her tease. She knows how to eat. Okay, your turn. Have you been? Do you miss Youngblood’s as much as I do? Are you a breast or a thigh person? 5954 Royal Lane.


  • Twinwillow

    Yes, I miss Youngblood’s. And, please pass the thighs.

  • Burgerette

    I eat here all the time. But I agree about the mashed potatoes. I’m going tonight for chicken fried steak. Thanks

  • CJ

    Is The Chicken Coop still open? I drive by it on my way home at night, and it looks closed. No cars in front, and the Open sign is not lit up. I’ve tried calling, but don’t get an answer.

  • drivinbrad

    went to go try it for lunch today after seeing the review. they are closed for “improvements” and will reopen next week according to the sign on the door.

  • drivinbrad, thanks for the update. waiting to hear your thoughts.

  • Jeff

    Great food. Chicken Strips are unbeatable. Make sure you use the number listed above not the one you see when you google the chicken coop.