Rumors Behind the Restaurant News: Café Pacific Out of Highland Park Village?

The multi-tasking Gina Miller.

Yesterday my favorite sports chick, Gina Miller, twittered this tweet: “another legend leaving: cafe pacific is losing lease @ highland park village & the mercury is going in its spot. major bummer.”

I called Café Pacific owner Jack Knox. Dang, no answer. So I called the Pope of Highland Park Village, Ray Washburne. Double dang, straight to voicemail. A little later a gentle ping from my computer. Hark! An e-mail from Knox, who is probably the nicest guy in the restaurant business.

“Sorry I missed your call. I was in the back yard with Wal-Mart and Woodrow, the apparent owners of the place where I live. I hear the [rumor], or a version of it, about every forty eight hours.  Maybe it’s wishful thinking on the part of our competitors, or maybe it’s just a good conversation starter. Last Saturday at our monthly front of the house meeting, just to make sure that everyone was on the same page, I explained to all the CP staff that we have a lease that is valid, in place, unchallenged, and very comfortable for both our landlord and me that runs to July 15, 2015.  I think that the usual renewal option will be forthcoming in time, it’s mainly a matter of terms.”

Minutes later, the Pope, I mean Ray Washburne, calls. “My plane just landed,” he says. “I’ve been in Las Vegas at the International Shopping Center Convention. Hey, Jack’s not going anywhere. He has a lease until 2015.”

Dishers, can officially shut down the Café Pacific rumor for a few months and go back to our regularly scheduled hot rumor. Like In-N-Out Burger is coming to Dallas. Hah! That’s always a good one. Huh? It’s true? What in the hell are we going to talk about now? Leave a rumor after the beep.


  • Topham Beauclerk

    The Mercury in place of the now-sadly-become craptacular Patrizo would be a great trade up! Get Ray to work on that deal would ya?

  • anon

    Patrizio’s just renewed their lease, according to that most knowledgeable fount of wisdom, the valet guys. I agree with Sir Topham, but Patrizio’s is here for a few more years.

  • City Girl

    Darn on the Patrizio news!

  • DGirl

    I’m pregnant.

  • DGirl

    Oh,wait. A restuarant rumor.

    Got nothin’.

  • Marcus

    Hey Gina. Call me. No really.

  • Clark Kent

    I thought the old Uptown Chips location was becoming a pizza place – how did it now become an Italian Steak place…..are we getting bad information?

  • kYle

    I love me some Gina Miller.

  • B

    I have spoke directly to Chris and there no validity to this rumor. He is not taking the Cafe Pacific spot.
    Sorry Gina………..

  • George

    @B, you just opened up a new can of worms . He may not be taking the Cafe Pacific spot (which we already knew), but … Does he have desirous intentions upon Patrizio’s (leases can always be terminated), does he want a second floor restaurant above Stephanie Anne/Tom Thumb, thus overlooking Dallas Country Club?

    So call him back. Does he and Ray intend to have, some day, an M Crowd higher end restaurant in HP Village?