El Smokeador y Smokehopper Blog: Chicken Fried Smoked Brisket

Chicken fried smoked brisket by El Smokeador.

A couple of weeks ago a commenter, who goes by El Smokeador and operates a meaty blog called El Smokeador y Smokehopper, left a comment with a link to his recipe for brisket cooked with Butterfinger candy bars. I printed it out and plan to try it soon. This morning, El Smokeadore and his co-blogger, Smokehopper, send another creation: chicken friend smoked brisket.  (I love the idea of using a leaf blower to stoke a fire, but I would suggest you proceed with caution.) I think this guy is wacky enough to be included in our blogroll. Et tu, oh brutal ones?


  • Jimmy John

    Oh my god. They’ve done what everyone has been thinking about, but has never had the balls to do.

  • Stephanie


  • MP

    Those guys are geniuses.

  • Lion’s Den

    My arteries are hanging their heads in disgust and I just threw up in my mouth.

  • huge

    Not every hit is a homerun, and comedy is a 24 hour a day job, but I approve of this post.

  • Drew

    I’m sure it’s tasty, but that looks truly horrific

  • Kirk

    Have Wick and your sales staff decided to go after the cholesterol drug companies?

  • Brad

    These guys have good schtick for sure. Blogroll worthy.

  • Generic Dallas Chis Chris

    Brisket with Butterfingers? You have to post that. Consider for the blogroll.

  • Billusa99

    That is so juvenile.

  • Worzel Gummidge

    Why is the brisket covered in wallpaper paste?

  • luniz

    Love the parsley. Chicken fried brisket (CFB?) certainly calls out for a little green on the plate. Not sure whether it’s disturbingly awesome, or awesome-ly disturbing, but it’s definitely one of those. Or maybe both.

    I have to admit if I was in a good Texas diner and saw that they had CFB on the menu, I’d probably try it.

  • El Chupacabra

    OMG…delicioso…LMAO…yummy in the tummy…Wes.

  • Their culinary creativity alone should get them a spot. They’re not bad writers either.

  • DallasDude

    I read their stuff. I have friends just like them and can relate, and the buffoon factor is pretty high up on the scales. I like how they never spell babaganouj the same way twice.

    Definetley add worthy. Are they related to Tom Spicer?

  • Cluck

    I’ve had their butterfinger brisket and it melted in my mouth. These guys are legit.

  • melanie

    love these guys! I’ve been following their blog for awhile.

  • A.C. Sloshman

    If their brisket is as good as their comedy, we should hear more from El Smokeador and Smokehopper. Please add them to the blogroll.

  • Jacopo Fulgenzio

    They need to learn proper saucing technique. The gravy looks very heavy.

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  • Anonymous

    Great blog – should be added to the blogroll immediately.