Which Wich Opens Its 100th Store (and Burguesa May Be Coming to Downtown)

Attention, downtowner: Burguesa Burger might be coming to the tunnels. photo by Kevin Hunter Marple
photo: Kevin Hunter Marple

Tonight I went by the Monkey Bar at Mi Cocina in Highland Park Village to celebrate a milestone for Dallas entrepreneur and concept king Jeff Sinelli. His company, Which Wich, just opened its 100th store in Edinburgh, Texas. The popular sandwich chain is now in 18 states–and still expanding. You may also know that Sinelli is the man behind Burguesa Burger, and rumor has it that he’s putting in a Burguesa in the downtown tunnels. Oh, goody! More La Monumental burgers for me! Looks like I’ll have to put that try-not-to-be-a-piglet resolution on hold. IJS.


  • Justin

    A Burguesa in the downtown tunnels? Why? Why? Why? There is empty storefront space at places downtown such as Commerce and Browder (some of which used to be a Schlotzky’s.)

    Those tunnels need to be closed and sealed so more foot traffic and life move above ground to keep the downtown revitalization momentum going. I’ve lived downtown for two years now and have never once eaten in any of the restaurants in the tunnels.

  • I think Jeff Sinelli’s concepts are smart. I am looking forward to see what else is to come.

    I read an interview about his research that he put into the Burguesa Burger concept; I have a feeling most everything he touches will turn to gold. However, I don’t think he is in it for the money. Believe he is really following his passion.

  • s

    Oh, GOD, I hope its true about the downtown location…above or below!!!

  • ddd

    I’m with Justin!