The Mansion in Dallas Hires a New Chef: Bruno Davaillon

Press Release

The Mansion’s Tradition of Culinary Excellence Continues:

Announcing New Executive Chef Bruno Davaillon

DALLAS – (Sept. 17, 2009) – Dallas’ most iconic restaurant has named a new executive chef to continue its legendary hospitality and culinary excellence. Bruno Davaillon has been hired as the new executive chef of Rosewood Mansion on Turtle Creek and will make his culinary debut in Dallas at the beginning of November.

Chef Davaillon comes to Dallas from his most recent post as executive chef at Alain Ducasse’s Mix at THEhotel at the Mandalay Bay in Las Vegas. Under his five-year leadership, Mix was awarded a Michelin star in both 2008 and 2009. Davaillon is a native of the Loire Valley in France and has gained considerable experience cooking in some of the world’s most legendary kitchens.

“After a thoughtful search and careful consideration, we invited Bruno to become the new executive chef of The Mansion and he proudly accepted,” said Rosewood Mansion on Turtle Creek Managing Director Duncan Graham. “He is quite drawn to The Mansion’s culinary history and reputation and has a great deal of respect for both. We’re delighted to have him.”

Chef Davaillon is passionate about using the best of breed ingredients and draws inspiration from seasonal offerings, which he prepares simply, going directly to the flavor.

“Yes, I am French, but I love American culinary innovation and I’m always curious about what I can do with beautiful American meat, fish and produce,” Davaillon said.

Chef Davaillon is also eager to embrace the Dallas community as a whole, as well as the chef community.

“I enjoyed Mix but I miss having regular customers who will come back and try different menu items,” Davaillon said. “I love talking to people and sharing their appreciation for food.”

The Mansion Restaurant has been delighting guests for more than 29 years. The proud tradition of culinary excellence and exquisite service will continue as Chef Bruno Davaillon leads The Mansion’s talented culinary team to give guests the most inviting, approachable and valuable dining experience in Texas.

Update: He is in the process of packing up and moving to Dallas. Not doing interviews yet. Bruno has picked current executive sous Eric Brandt and the rest of the crew to be on his team.

Thought:  Has Dallas ever had a Michelin star chef?

Update: Don’t look for “Ducasse prices” at the Mansion. They are sticking with the fresh, local, and good value approach they adhere to currently.


  • Worzel Gummidge

    Regular customers? I think he means just “customers”. Vegas is empty.

  • D

    That’s because william koval, previously from the french room, turned down the job, so they went to there number 2 choice.

  • Scagnetti

    Très bien!

    It’s so easy when you speak the language.

  • Re: Thought. Diners in the know may recall my good friend Seiji “Waka” Wakabayashi. Upon discovering his small restaurant, Waka (near Frankford and the Tollway), I made an effort to eat there at least twice a week, and did so for nearly two years. Brilliant. He moved on and the restaurant subsequently closed. Now in San Francisco, he is chef/owner of bushei-tei and bushei-tei bistro. He received his first Michelin Star in 2007. It was no surprise to me… I knew what we had under our nose in that tiny restaurant in a hidden strip center. I’ll be returning to bushei-tei next week, as a matter of fact – so stay tuned.

  • MansionLover05

    I think the Mansion made a mistake by not hiring Chef Eric. Eric has been loyal to the Mansion for years and then they choose a Chef Bruno from Vegas. They just wont learn, Tesar came from Vegas and he was a terror in the kitchen. Chef Eric is respected by the staff and the kitchen runs smoothly with him around. I pray that he finds a restaurant that will appreciate him!

  • Marco Pierre

    Colicchio had one last year for Craft in New York, but lost it. After eating at Craft here in Dallas, I can understand why.(Sand in my scallops!!!! Pack your knives and go!)

  • Julia

    ML05 – I don’t think coming from Vegas makes a person a terror in the kitchen – that’s up to the individual. Unless you actually work there, you never really know what the circumstances are. Give the restaurant a break and don’t say negative things about new new chef, the old chef or anyone involved. It doesn’t help with employees there – some who have worked for 20+ years in that restaurant. Dallas needs for restaurants to do well and thrive. Badmouthing anyone in the business is bad for business. Maybe you mean well, but it doesn’t help.

  • educated source

    Amen Julia.

  • Anna

    I think the Mansion has made an excellent decision. Chef Davaillon has an excellent reputation and working for Alain Ducasse is nothing to sneeze at. Personally, personality flaws and all, Tesar was a boon for the Mansion – his food was divine. And I am not upset that Brandt was not chosen. If indeed he has truly been running the kitchen since Tesar’s departure, well, the food speaks for itself: its quality has severely declined in recent months. I look forward to the Mansion’s next chef and cannot wait to taste what he brings to our fine city.

  • whoknew

    We chose the Mansion for a special occasion dinner this past Saturday night and had a memorable meal. The crab appetizer is divine, the gnocchi with truffle oil foam was delicious and the corn soup lived up to it’s reputation. For entrees, the Short Ribs and Lobster were both great choices! After dinner drinks in the bar while listening to Hunter Sullivan was a perfect way to end a perfect evening.