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Executive Perspectives: Ray Sedey

Despite the pandemic our company culture has become stronger says CEO of McCarthy Building Companies.
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Ray Sedey has been with the McCarthy Building Companies since 2000 and recently promoted to CEO in January. He is a leader and advocate for diversity in the construction industry and directs a major portion of his efforts toward encouraging and supporting women in construction.

How are you and your company adapting?

We have put a significant number of protective measures in place to ensure the health and safety of our employees, trade contractors, industry partners, and clients. We’ve implemented working remotely, heightened safety protocols, social distancing, sanitation efforts, and many others. It has been inspiring to see these efforts.

Have you found silver linings in these difficult times?

Historically, the construction industry has often been viewed as one that doesn’t evolve all that quickly. The pandemic has tested our commitment to look at everything differently and innovate to adapt. Many areas in our work, especially hospitals, infrastructure, and public works, have been deemed essential. It is amazing how the industry is coming together in an all-out effort to keep our people safe while still getting our important work done.

How are you maintaining your company culture? 

It comes down to constant and transparent communication. We used to fly from city to city so we could meet with individuals and groups face-to-face. In between trips, we had some contact with our folks, but it was more so on a regional level. Now, we are using technology to connect regularly, including video conferencing, Microsoft Teams, virtual happy hours, and emails to all our folks. Our McCarthy culture has always been very strong, but I would say our culture is even stronger today. We are collaborating and supporting one another, our clients, trade partners, designers, and others to get through this difficult time.

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