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Listen To This Right Now: Tayla Parx ‘Dance Alone’

The Dallas-born, Grammy-nominated artist takes us into the weekend with a groovy new track.

You may not know Tayla Parx’s name, but you know her lyrics. The 27-year-old Dallas native is a hitmaker with an impressive track record–she’s written songs for Ariana Grande, Khalid, Christina Aguilera, The Internet, Mariah Carey, Jennifer Lopez, and Jason Derulo, to name a few. But Parx is also a burgeoning star in her own rite, and she saves some of her best material for herself. 

“I’m very careful when I’m working with other artists to make sure that I hold tight to my own identity. I think a major part of being a songwriter is not to give away pieces of yourself, but to make pieces from what other artists have given you,” she said in an interview with D in January. 

Her experience working with artists across genres has allowed her to carve out an interesting, soulful niche in the pop world. That wasn’t fully realized on her pop-heavy sophomore album, We Need To Talk, but you can really hear it in her new single, “Dance Alone.” And it further proves her talent that the live performance video, which came out earlier this week, actually sounds better than the studio version. 

Parx’s soaring vocals seem to have found the perfect pairing with a groovy bass line and catchy beat. It’s a bit slower and lower than her previous releases, and it just works. 

The single is from Tayla Parx’s upcoming album, Coping Mechanisms, expected to drop by the end of the year. Have a listen below.