In Deep Ellum, everything that dies some day comes back. Photo via Clint Barlow/ Facebook.

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Deep Ellum Live Will Live Again

The people who brought back Trees and The Bomb Factory are set to do the same with another famed Dallas venue.

Central Track and the Facebook page of Clint Barlow, co-owner of Trees and The Bomb Factory, are reporting that another shuttered Deep Ellum music venue will soon make a comeback.

Barlow, who with his wife Whitney re-launched the legendary Trees in 2009 and The Bomb Factory just last year, shared a picture this morning of the interior of Deep Ellum Live, which neighbors The Bomb Factory on Canton Street. The venue — bigger than Trees, smaller than The Bomb Factory, with a reputation to match both — closed in 2004. It didn’t take long for people to figure out what that picture, however vague, meant.

Gavin Mulloy, the creative director for Trees and The Bomb Factory, says in an email that the Barlows hope to revamp the venue and have it open for business in early 2017. They are considering giving the space a new name, but it will host concerts and private events, operating in “a similar manner” to their other two back-from-the-dead ventures.

The Barlows helped turn Trees and The Bomb Factory into two of Dallas’ best venues — again. There’s no reason to think they couldn’t do the same with Deep Ellum Live, or whatever its new name will be.