Jonathan Rose on Think with Krys Boyd

New York Developer talks the future of cities

I’ve been following Jonathan Rose for a long time.  He’s a developer from New York, but has development just about everywhere.  I started following his work in the early oughts when he seemed to be the only person operating at a large-scale while working within a triple bottom line strategy.  His buildings and neighborhoods should be profitable not only financially, but also socially and environmentally.  That, of course, struck a chord.  If he could do it, couldn’t more?

So I was happy to hear that Mr. Rose is keynoting the Urban Land Institute’s fall meeting held this week in Dallas.  He was also on local treasure Krys Boyd’s THINK program on Tuesday.  You should give a listen, perhaps on your drive home whilst stuck in traffic, and imagine a world where you aren’t held captive by this soulless glass and steel cage enveloping you (and the transportation investments we’ve made and continue to make entrenching that Stockholm Syndrome).

Here is the link to the show and here is a link to his new book, which I snapped up on kindle this morning (so I cannot yet vouch for its content).


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